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Kwasa Kwasa // Tazneem

Kwasa Kwasa is a type of music/dance originating in the Congo. The video was shot in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The central message of the song is the power of music to bring people together. 


You & I // Tazneem

I wrote and recorded this song thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Thank you everyone so much for your support!!

Umenuna // Tazneem

Umenuna is the feeling/expression of a person who is just miserable to be around! The song tells the story of a woman asking the man she loves - when are we going to laugh again? 

Tekenya // Tazneem

This is a remix of the track "Tekenya" from my Swahili album. The song was recorded in East Africa, remixed by the talented UK producer Skillz Beatz, and the video made in beautiful British Columbia - a truly international track!

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